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Mini laser Projector R&G Laser Star

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Mini laser Projector R&G Laser Star

Старая цена: 50€
Цена: 15€
Просмотров: 1068

Наличие в магазине: да

  • Dynamic liquid sky, Animated moving stars, Cloud formation, sound active & Auto-mode
  • When you turn it on, a wonderful and beautiful night sky shows on! It brings you to enter into a amazing and fascinating world
  • AC Power supply: input AC 110v-240v/50-60Hz, Output: 5v DC 1.0-1.5A
  • This auction features a mini laser stage light emits both Green and Red laser lighting.
  • This projector has both sound active mode and AUTO mode with speed control and laser matrix strobe light flash control.
  • It is perfect for DJ, Night Club, Disco, Pub, Bar, KTV, Home Party, etc.
  • Easy to use and applicable for Disco, Clubs, KTV, PUB, BAR family party, Roller skating rinks, Family party etc
  • Working temerature of this unit is 15-30C,it must be powered off after continuously working 2 hours to let the laser diode cool down
  • Items are 100%25 checked and tested before ship out. Specifications:  
  • Laser Type: Class III B
  • Output: 650nm/100mW and 532nm/50mW
  • Power: 100V-240V, 50-60HZ
  • Play Mode: Sound Active and Auto with speed control,Without IRM Controller
  • Laser color: Red and Green
  • Color£ºBlue

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